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Monday, December 4, 2023

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Ladies, let’s talk about menstruation

Having your period is normal. Picture: Pexels Cliff Booth

Having your period is normal. Picture: Pexels Cliff Booth

Published Aug 9, 2023


No matter how old you are, getting your period every month is never a pleasant experience.

And even though all women go through it, it still somehow remains a topic not too many of us want to talk about.

Women still get embarrassed when small things like spillage happens as if it doesn’t happen to all of us.

Some women are even shy to ask the next woman for a period product.

All woman go through it. Picture: Pexels Sora Shimazaki

So many women want to pretend that it doesn’t happen to them at all.

Lots of women reading this are probably cringing merely because the topic is being raised.

Let’s not even start with men. The only time a woman’s period really affects a man is when they are unable to have sex for a few days. Otherwise, most of them don’t want to know much about it.

As adults we find it hard to deal with. Now imagine how hard it must be for a young girl who has just started having her period.

Most of us remember the first time we got our periods and I don’t think there’s a woman out there who can say that it wasn’t a bit scary.

Having to suddenly deal with unbearable cramps, sore breasts and so much blood is overwhelming.

Then there’s the period products. You need to know how to use it correctly and how to dispose of it in a hygienic manner.

I remember not wanting to go to school when I first got my period because I was convinced that everybody would know.

However, there are so many girls who for good reason cannot in fact go to school while they are on their period.

That’s all because they don’t have access to period products.

These girls have to miss out on days of school simply because they are on their period.

Besides missing out on school, they have they don’t have the basic right of freedom of movement either.

Imagine being stuck indoors all day because of a natural bodily function?

Thankfully there are now many NGOs like The Cora Project and the MENstruation Foundation who have drawn awareness to this plight and are assisting these young girls and women.