Lockdown - Durban siblings aged 5 and 9 have their say

Durban siblings Joshua and Moleen Joseph

Durban siblings Joshua and Moleen Joseph

Published Apr 1, 2020


Durban - A few days before the close of the first term of school, the news about the Covid-19 outbreak and the National lock-down were slowly becoming a reality. Students around South Africa said goodbye to their holidays and hello to a 21 day shutdown.

We caught up with two young siblings from Durban,

who share their thoughts on the coronavirus and what they have been getting up to during the 21 day lock-down.

Five year old Joshua Joseph, a student at Oceanview Primary School said that, “ The coronavirus affects people's lungs and small people like us.”

“The coronavirus is affecting smaller children because they have weaker immune systems,” added his 9-year-old sister Moleen.

According to experts, schools have been identified as a hot zone for internal transmissions.

After we were instructed to close schools before the end of term, we convened an emergency meeting to look at what the short-term implications are. We anticipated that if the virus continues to escalate the way it was and we are unable to open, what would we do,” said Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga.

The brother and sister duo was also well equipped with knowledge on protecting yourself against the virus and what measures you should take to stay safe.

“You must use hand sanitiser and stay at home if you’re feeling sick,” said Joshua.

“Now that it’s killing people, you have to be very safe, stay at home. If you are sick, do not go to the doctor, maybe you should call the doctor to come home,” added Mollen.

When asked about the activities they missed doing the most, Joshua said he missed riding his bike and skateboarding the most, while Molly said she missed spending time with her friends and going to the beach.

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