LOOK: Tips on how to protect the elderly in a pandemic

Published Jul 15, 2020


CAPE TOWN- Scientists and experts from around the world have confirmed that the eldery could be more at risk and vulnerable to Covid-19. Health minister Zweli Mkhize recommends the elderly and those with co-morbidities should take extra care and avoid leaving home.

In response to the outbreak and in order to protect those at risk in underprivileged communities, Bulungula Incubator has created educational posters in isiXhosa and English on how to create a Safe Home within their homestead.

Bulungula Incubator is a non-profit organisation (NPO) located on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest and most remote regions in South Africa with no access to running water, electricity, healthcare, or adequate road infrastructure.

Head of Bulungula organisational communications, Sigrid Kite said, “these measures were created for our rural community with homesteads that have more than one hut, however, in theory, the same principle could be adapted to fit any setting and community”.

The NPO shares important health and safety information through educational videos, posters, and broadcasting at the Bulungula Community Radio.

Additionally, Bulungula Incubator is incentivising community members to create these safe homes by providing participants with necessary home goods such as bleach, soap, toilet paper, paraffin stove, masks, and more.

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To download the isiXhosa versions, click here.

For more information visit the Bulungula Incubator website here.

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