'Men tend to stick at diets for much longer. It would seem women are more likely to give in to their cravings.'

London - It’s news that might come as a surprise to the thousands of men chided for their unhealthy eating habits by their other half.

For women have emerged as being far less likely to stick at diets – despite embarking on three times as many of them as men do.

According to a survey, women typically last only 12 days on a diet before they give in to temptation, while men persevere for around six weeks – a difference of four weeks.

The majority of women are prolific dieters, it found, with nearly three-quarters admitting they had adopted a constructed eating plan and weight-loss strategy.

This compares with just over half of men. Women attempt an average of 17 diets during their lifetime – more than three times as many as the opposite sex, who attempt just five, according to the poll of 2 841 men and women aged 18 to 55.

The survey, by online pharmacy UKMedix.com, also found that Essex was the UK’s top dieting location for women.

A spokesman suggested this could be because of influence from reality television shows based at these locations. The Only Way is Essex popularised the mantra “No carbs before Marbs”, with many of its image-obsessed cast members going on strict low-carbohydrate diets before holidays to Marbella in Spain.


Sarah Bailey from UKMedix.com said: “Men tend to stick at diets for much longer. It would seem women are more likely to give in to their cravings. A lot of men treat fitness regimes as a chance to socialise, such as trips to the gym with friends. They encourage each other to stay motivated and turn it into a competition.

“Many women dream of the perfect body, so put themselves through strenuous dieting, only to realise they’re happier eating and drinking what they want.

“Essex has gained a bit of a reputation in recent years as a glamorous and appearance-centred hot spot, so it’s no surprise that they are the UK’s top diet spot for women.

“It shows that maybe the high profile reality TV shows have an impact on the residents.” - Daily Mail