The sun rises over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as the famous landmark and the Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong hosts the first Tai Chi martial arts class over Australia's largest city
Public majority is familiar with Kung Fu, yet little is known about Qigong and its self-assist vitality and health systems.  

Holistic sport and health is limited and vitality is not a considered integral part of social health and wellness. Communities (disenfranchised or not) often have limited option to effective daily health and vitality.

Practicing qigong can significantly cut health care costs; it is simple, logical, concise and self-assist. It promotes longevity, youthfulness and optimum health. Amazingly it requires no equipment and is accessible to all health conditions and limitations. Easily integrated, it can be done seated, standing, lying down or walking.

International Kim Loong Wushu Center in Cape Town CBD, is hosting 2 Chinese experts from Beijing at a 5 day Qigong workshop “newbie” experience. 
Owners Dr. Jeff Lan and Amanda Lan have devoted many years to capacitate and empower people, both novice and experienced, from all walks of life through qigong and martial arts. 

This will allows for local access to international accreditation thus promoting opportunities for job creation and skills elevation. We welcome community collaborative engagements.