LOOK: Inside Converse Women’s Day Mixer that had the right ingredients

All the fun inside Converse’s Women’s Day Mixer in Fourways. Picture: Supplied

All the fun inside Converse’s Women’s Day Mixer in Fourways. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 11, 2023


When Converse South Africa said on their invitation “come as you are and be ready to be transformed” to their women’s day mixer, curiosity was certainly piqued as to what they had planned ahead.

Well, what did lie ahead was a celebration that reminded women that it’s okay to let loose, be free and let your inner girl child out.

The morning kicked off at Langhams, Fourways venue that gave all the zen vibes needed for the celebrations.

Mimosas flowed as the activities began with a bit of a history lesson in the form of an art exhibition titled ‘African Queens: Restoring History’, that spoke greatly upon the theme of the day.

The women get creative and make new connections in their pre-arranged groups. Picture: Supplied

The brand ensured a well curated experience for the day.

Splitting us into groups under the various African Queens on display, Converse had us let loose the inner performer in the women in attendance.

At first the thought of joining a pre-arranged group was daunting, away from one’s usual circle. By the end of the day, we had made new friends as we decorated our All Star Converse.

While most events have entertainers come perform, Converse quickly let us know that we would be taking to the stage in our groups as the entertainers and had us compose and perform our own music.

Women practise their dance moves ahead of taking to the stage. Picture: Supplied

Ensuring that we got the artist experience, our little bands created posters.

This exercise allowed us to get to know the women we were grouped with, identifying each other’s strengths and how they played into making our performances a success.

Converse also ensured that we were ready to hit the stage with hair taken care of by Moyoko Professional, glam by Fenty Beauty and Converse drip.

The women get their make-up done at the Fenty Beauty station ahead of taking to the stage. Picture: Supplied

Following a soft life picnic, we took to the stage to perform our songs, which would have been daunting at first but because of the safe space, many took to the stage freely.

The mixer was a celebration of the brand’s core values, which are all about people being their authentic selves through music, fashion and dance.