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WATCH: Take a nap at this desk

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Feb 18, 2019

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Daytime napping is fast becoming a workplace trend, and companies around the world are realising the benefits of its rewards. Google, for example, has dedicated nap pods installed at their headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Various studies over the years have proven that a midday snooze can increase employee productivity and creativity. One such study by the University of Michigan’s Jennifer Goldschmied found that after waking from a 60-minute midday nap, people were less impulsive and had higher tolerance levels.

Unless you work for Google or any other forward-thinking company, chances are you don't have a place to rest your head for that 20-minute power nap, and your desk doesn't count. That's why Greek designer Nancy Leivaditou of Studio NL may have come up with one of the most ingenious designs of this decade - a multi-purpose desk that morphs into a bed.

The story was first picked up by www.housebeautiful.com, which noted that Leivaditou first came up with the design while studying and working in a cramped New York apartment. Multifunctional furniture appears to be the go-to design pieces at the moment as pod-style living takes over from conventional apartments, so it was only a matter of time till someone came up with this baby.

Made from lacquered wood, metal, and white leather, the desk is stylish enough for home and office, and it even comes equipped with a TV screen. Unfortunately, the design is still in the prototype phase. In the meantime, here's how it works:

Measuring 2m long and 0.8m wide, the desk doesn't take up much space. But the magic of it lies in the quick way it converts from a desk to a bed. 

Because the upper layer is made up of sturdy wood, it requires the mattress to be hinged up on one side. The two sides that accommodate the foot and the head are boarded up by plywood, and can be reclined as desired. The only thing to do is slide the top board backward from sitting position, and push back the hinged mattress.

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