POWERFUL ANTIDOTE: Laughing Increases the circulation of antibodies in our system, making us more resistant to infections.

I Love laughing, whether it’s laughing at myself, or with someone - it really does not matter as long as I can share a good laugh.

So when an opportunity to attend a laughing workshop with Cape Town’s laughter coach Bronwyn Kilroe at work came, I knew I should not let it go by.

Two of my colleagues and I joined the session with an open mind, and with only one expectation - to laugh as much and as hard as we could.

We walked into the boardroom and Bronwyn immediately made us feel relaxed and calm with her infectious laughter.

Within five minutes of the workshop, I was in stitches - just from following a simple exercise: fake the laughter until it’s real.

I could not believe that just by laughing at nothing uncontrollably could make me that happy.

My colleague Marchelle Abrahams said she didn’t know what to expect when she heard the laughing coach was coming to give a demonstration.

“Anything that is said to lower stress and anxiety levels is a big plus in my book.

“I’m usually a cheerful person, but I feel sometimes work can get to me, so I was glad she gave us the tools to cope with day-to-day stresses,” says Abrahams.