Mothers In Need - Covid-19 relief for pregnant refugee mothers

Published Jul 15, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Mothers In Need is a Covid relief programme to feed mothers especially those unable to receive food parcels due to being undocumented immigrants.

Fix Forward and The Zoe Project are organisations that have teamed up with a relief initiative called Mothers In Need to focus on providing food parcels to newborn mothers specifically refugees during the pandemic.

Fix Forward is a social enterprise aiming to provide support and assistance to contractors from lower-income areas helping grow successful businesses with the organisation expanding during these hard times South Africa is facing.

Founder and CEO, Josh Cox, explains how the idea of Mothers In Need came about by saying, "At the beginning of May, I heard a story that broke me. A friend related how a 7-month pregnant woman was turned away from a food parcel collection point. She hadn’t eaten in four days. Thousands of pregnant women and mothers of newborns don’t qualify for any support from the state because they are asylum seekers or undocumented immigrants."

"We have set up this interim relief programme to provide support to these women. This is a desperate time when they, and those around them, have no possibility to earn an income. Can you imagine not being able to feed yourself or your new baby?" said Cox.

The programme is partnered with The Zoe Project, which focuses on new mothers helping educate and guide them while providing needed support, will help by identifying the mothers in need.

Fix Forward has donated R120 000 to the initiative and asks for the help of everyone with 100 percent of donations given to the mothers-in need with each mother receiving a R400 shopping voucher per month for 6 months.

A monthly debit order can be arranged to assure a mother and baby is fed each month or any amount donated is welcomed.

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