Hollywood actress Salma Hayek.

London - Only just got used to Zumba fitness classes? Well, it’s already time to move on — as far as exercise is concerned, 2013 is all about Ugi and Sh’Bam.

It may sound like the boot, but Ugi is a total body workout, in which enthusiasts use a squishy, weighted ball to do one-minute bursts of 30 exercises.

The ball can be stood on, sat on, picked up, tossed to a friend and used as a weight.

Devised by Canadian celebrity personal trainer Sara Shears, who counts actresses Salma Hayek and Rosario Dawson among her clients, Ugi’s devotees boast of their increased muscle strength and abdominal tone.

Sh’Bam, meanwhile, is a 45-minute dance-based workout involving simple dance moves set to a soundtrack of Latin and hip-hop hits. It promises to burn up 500 calories a session. - Daily Mail