Mr Price for the win! Local retailer launches new period panties that require no sanitary pads or tampons

The panties have since sold out online. Pictures:

The panties have since sold out online. Pictures:

Published Mar 25, 2022


Many women have their menstrual cycle at least once a month. The truth is that sanitary pads are expensive and sometimes uncomfortable.

With the world moving to sustainability, Mr Price has introduced new period panties that require no pad/tampon.

Back in the day, period panties were full panties that women would wear when they had their periods. It would be full panties that could hold the pad nicely. Nowadays, it’s panties that you wear during menstruation without a pad or tampon.

“Introducing our new Period Panties, they’re just like normal panties but do so much more! Made with four-layer protection so you can feel your best,” says Mr Price.

Some women are sceptical about leakage, but Kate Combrinck, who has used period panties before, says even people with heavy flow can wear them.

“Ladies - you can wear one the whole day even with the heavy flow (just make sure you buy a heavy flow version). They don’t smell, and they don’t create wetness against the skin. I’ve been wearing (much more expensive) ones for years. Try them, and then try going back to normal sanitary ware. That plastic smell is gross and bad for your hormones/skin/the environment. And washing them out in the shower or sink at home is no big deal. Coldwater and green sunlight bar and in the sun, fresh as new,” she says.

Mr Price confirms that the panties are designed to be leak-resistant.

“The usage period of the panty is dependent on each person’s flow – the panty can hold up to 50ml. Every pair is designed to be leak-resistant, to control odour, provide ultimate comfort and flexibility. You can go about your day-to-day life without having to worry about tampons and pads.”

Some people may feel uneasy about having to wash panties with the blood, but the truth is, this is not something new.

The baby nappies had a similar concept.

Before disposable baby nappies, there were towel nappies, and mothers would wash them almost daily. And mind you, there would be no stain or marks on them. Most mothers made sure the baby’s nappies were crystal white. It was a sign of pride when hanging the nappies on the line to let the neighbours know that there was a new baby in the family.

The Mr Price period panties are reusable for up to two years.