Your vagina actually needs bacteria to keep healthy. Picture: Flicker
Your vagina actually needs bacteria to keep healthy. Picture: Flicker

National Vagina Day: 5 tips for a healthy vagina

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Oct 18, 2019

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It’s a topic we tend to shy away from and only ever seem to speak about in hushed whispers, but the time has come to talk vaginas – more specifically, the dos and don’ts of maintaining good vaginal health.

With National Vagina Day on October 19, 2019, here are a few tips for a happy, healthy vagina, courtesy of Reuterina.
Ditch the douches

Douching often does more harm than good and can, over time, affect the pH balance of your vagina and encourage bacterial infection. For odours or disorders, rather see a doctor who can advise on more effective treatment plans.

Bacteria is your buddy

Get this – your vagina actually needs bacteria to keep healthy. Douches and other "cleansing" products can wipe out your good bacteria, leaving you susceptible to nasty infections. 

Be wise…

Using a condom is obviously always a good idea, and it’s particularly helpful in protecting you (and your vagina) from the scourge of sexually transmitted diseases. Practicing safe sex keeps the bad germs away and the vagina virus-free.

Don’t ignore it

Let’s face it, being trapped in restrictive clothing without ventilation all day can leave the vagina feeling (and smelling) less then fresh as a daisy. But if you notice any persistent odours or discharge, visit your doctor and get it looked at immediately, before it gets any worse.


"When last did you look at your vagina?" Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng, affectionately known as Dr T. "Self-examination of the genitals is seldom, if ever, spoken about or encouraged. Yet you are the perfect person to notice changes and then seek advice.

"The path to learning, being comfortable, celebrating and even reclaiming our bodies starts with the language we use to refer to our bodies" said Mofokeng.

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