Noakes's lectures irrelevant, hearing told

By Renee Moodie Time of article published Feb 11, 2016

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Cape Town - The Tim Noakes hearing came to a standstill while the committee considered an objection from the pro forma complainant that much of Dr Noakes's evidence has been irrelevant.

Advocate Ajay Bhoopchand for the Health Professions Council of SA told the committee that Noakes's evidence was interesting but irrelevant to the charge which he faces.

He said he had been pushed to the limit of his patience by lecture after lecture from Noakes.

The committee retired to discuss this.

His instructing attorney Katlego Mmuoe made a statement to press during the break repeating what Bhoopchand had said, saying that Noakes had a strong legal team who should know better.

Chairwoman Joan Adams said the charge sheet looked simple to the layman but was a complex matter requiring expertise. "The problem lies in the charge and that concerns the unconventional or conventional nature of the advice Noakes gave on Twitter."

The pro forma complainant had led some evidence in this regard, she said.

She said she was assuming that Noakes's legal team would be explaining the relevance of the evidence, and that they were mindful of keeping to the charge sheet.

She said the committee was asking Noakes's counsel to stick to the charge sheet, but it was not willing to curb Professor Noakes at this stage. She said the objection was dismissed.


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