Olivia Newton-John is managing her cancer pain with cannabis. Picture: Reuters

Didi Conn says Olivia Newton-John is managing her cancer pain with cannabis.

The 70-year-old actress is currently battling stage-four breast cancer and her 'Grease' co-star Didi revealed Olivia is doing "beautifully well" and is being cared for by her loving husband John Easterling, who is the chief executive and chairman of Amazon Herb Company.

Speaking on ITV's "This Morning", Didi, 68, said: "The best news I heard is that Olivia is doing beautifully well. They did a '60 Minutes' Australia on her and it was so uplifting. Her spirit shines. We've stayed friends.

"And her husband is this miracle maker of growing different herbs and the cannabis is really working for her for pain. And he's gorgeous and they're in love and love always heals."

Olivia also spoke at a cancer research conference in Melbourne, Australia, this month about how medical marijuana is helping her with her cancer fight.

She said: "I weaned myself off morphine with cannabis, which I want everyone to know.

"I had a fractured sacrum at the time, too, and I was determined not to become addicted (to morphine). Thankfully I was able to get off it.
When I started taking (cannabis) my pain level got so much less and (more) manageable. I was more mobile, I was sleeping. It took a lot of anxiety away."

Meanwhile, John previously spoke about how cannabis is helping Olivia.

He said: "Olivia's cancer markers are moving in the right direction.

"This is the third recurrence of stage-four metastatic breast cancer and this is not normally what you see happen at this stage."