Picture: sxc.hu Opening your window gives you good night’s sleep

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, think about opening your bedroom window or door.

It helps the air circulate at night, leading to better quality sleep, a study found.

Sleepers were less likely to toss and turn and wake up, researchers said.

Scientists believe that poor ventilation leads to a build-up of CO² in the bedroom as a result of respiration.

To test the effect of keeping a window open, researchers tracked the sleep of 17 healthy students. They slept with windows or doors either open or shut.

Levels of CO² were measured in the bedrooms over five days for the study published in the journal Indoor Air. 

The findings showed an open window was better for reducing CO² than an open door. However, an open door may be preferable if it is noisy outside. 

Daily Mail