File picture: AP Ovarian cancer signs

Just one per cent of women are able to recognise certain symptoms of ovarian cancer, a poll has found.

A survey of more than 1,000 English women found only one in 100 knew that needing to urinate more is a sign of the disease. Meanwhile, four-fifths were unaware that abdominal pain could be caused by the condition.

A mere 3 percent were aware feeling full was a symptom, while just 21 per cent knew bloating could also be a sign. And three in ten wrongly believe cervical screening detects the disease.

The report, from charity Target Ovarian Cancer, said too few women know the warning signs. 
The charity's chief executive, Annwen Jones, said: ‘There is a chronic lack of awareness and funding.
‘We urgently need a national awareness programme?...?and investment in research into new treatments.' 
She added: ‘We must act now to transform the lives of women with ovarian cancer before it's too late.'

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