Restaurant patrons sceptical about sit-in service

Published Jun 24, 2020


DURBAN – After President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday, June 18, that restaurants are allowed to offer sit-in services, many people have been sceptical of what the regulations would be and many have aired their opinions on social media stating that they would rather purchase take-outs than sit-in.

Liam Tomlin proprietor of the Chefs Warehouse chain of restaurants said: “The announcement was very vague and really doesn’t make it any easier for us in planning or making any decisions on the reopening of our businesses or if it will make financial sense to reopen them until we have solid guidelines as to how we can operate.”

Here are the restrictions that would be in place for sit-in restaurants: -

• Restaurants will have a limited number of customers who will be able to use the sit-in service. However, it is still not confirmed whether the restaurants will be allowed to operate at 70percent.

• All staff members will be responsible for ensuring that customers abide by the 1.5m physical distance restriction.

• The National Coronavirus Command Council still have to clarify the rules on cutlery, hygiene and whether alcohol will be served.

Randolph Jorberg, founder of the Beerhouse group and the Hospitality Alliance, said: “Reading the comments of our patrons on social media groups, there is a huge number of customers confirming that they will stay away and rather continue to eat at home with a bottle of liquor bought in a bottle store if they are not allowed to consume liquor in our restaurants.”

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