Smart face mask translates languages

Published Jul 28, 2020



Face masks have become a must-have accessory for everyone across the globe, and Japanese company Donut Robots have designed the C-Mask that can transcribe and translate speech and connect to Bluetooth.

Wearing face masks naturally muffles speech and makes lip ready impossible.

Donut Robotics was contracted to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, selling robot translators and guides, but swiftly shifted focus its technology to the market's needs.

"C-FACE" was developed by applying robot technology and is the world's first "smart mask to work with smartphones," read a statement by Donut Robots.

“We have redefined the "mask" that has been protecting human health for a long time with the latest technology. It delivers your voice to the smartphone of the other party, and realizes "writing voice", translating in eight languages, and creating minutes.

“We hope it will be useful in a society where people live apart from each other.”

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