When they’re not burning it off in the bedroom, they head to the gym to keep in shape for their lovers. Picture: Supplied
It appears that women who are engaged in extramarital affairs take better care of their bodies and pay more attention to their appearances.

This is according to a recent study which found that of those surveyed in countries around the world, 64% of adulterous South African women admitted they go to the gym more than once a week.

These findings form part of a study by Victoria Milan, an internet dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat.

The site looked into the exercise habits of over a million female members from 22 countries to find out who is keeping in the best shape by hitting the gym more than once a week.

These countries include South Africa, the US, the UK, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Ireland. Women in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Poland also participated in the extramarital study.

The founder and chief executive of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, explained that the research drew the conclusion that women with a high sex drive who indulge in extramarital affairs have a lot more energy.

“Women who have extramarital affairs are likely to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape for longer, according to a recent study into the exercise habits of those who sweat it out in the gym and in bedrooms other than their own,” he said.

“When they’re not burning it off in the bedroom, they head to the gym to keep in shape for their lovers.”

The results of the study found that Finnish women topped the list of having the most physically active women with about 75% of them heading to sweat it out on the treadmill more than once a week.

The study revealed that women from English-speaking countries are more conscious about staying trim and toned for their lovers.

This included New Zealanders coming in first position on the list of English speakers, with 73% of the women in that country who participated in the study admitting they take steps to ensure they stay trim and slim.

This was followed by women from Australia, Canada and the UK, which all came in at 71%. The US came in at 69% and Ireland with 68% of women stating that they all make regular use of their gym membership.

While 13.9% of Finnish women were the most conscious of keeping it tight and exercising daily, 11.8% of ladies from Australia, 12.1% from Ireland, 10.8% from the US, 10.7% from Canada and 19.6 % from the UK were motivated enough to head to the gym daily.

Vedal said the results showed that women who have affairs were motivated to keep in shape and that being healthy and fit was an added bonus.

“Staying toned and fit gives you more confidence to take on lovers and keep your sex life alive and well,” he said.

“So when gents are flirting with women from these countries, they can safely assume that there’ll be a beautifully toned body underneath her clothes.”

A woman who is currently in a relationship with a married man, and for this reason didn’t want to be named, told The Star that she agreed with the findings of the study.

“I put a lot of effort into my appearance and make sure that I eat healthily, go to the gym regularly and dress well because I want to keep my man,” she explained.

“He already has a wife and family and I always feel like I have to offer him something extra.”