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Infertility can leave men feeling ‘emasculated' and ‘worthless', a survey found. 

Men spoke candidly of how fertility problems affected their mental health, relationships and even careers. But support is scarce as infertility is often seen as a ‘women's issue'.
In the survey of 41 men with fertility issues, 93 per cent said their well-being had been adversely affected. 

Comments included that it was ‘the most upsetting, dark and emasculating experience of my life'; that ‘it made me feel less of a man'; ‘I now suffer with anxiety'; and ‘it made me feel worthless'. Others told the survey by Leeds Beckett University and Fertility Network UK that their sex life ‘immediately took a hit', or that ‘seeing a baby I would feel jealousy and anger'. 

One spoke of feeling isolated and ‘stuck in a void of society', while others said the stress of treatment damaging their careers. Men even felt excluded during fertility treatment. One said: ‘The whole experience has been focused towards my wife. Even consultant's letters about [me] are addressed to my wife.'

The team said the survey shows ‘men's needs are far too often ignored' and that there is still ‘taboo about male infertility'.

Daily Mail