The odd tipple can aid sight

By Daily Mail Time of article published Jul 4, 2014

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LONDON: An occasional tipple may protect your eyesight, a study suggests.

The odd drink was linked to a reduced risk of developing visual impairment – loss of sight often caused by age-related eye diseases or congenital conditions that cannot be corrected with glasses.

A study of nearly 5 000 adults, aged 43 to 84, looked at the link between visual impairment and lifestyle.

Those who averaged less than one alcoholic drink a week over 20 years cut their chances of developing visual impairment by 49 percent compared to those who consumed no alcohol. Being physically active also helped.

The odds were higher, but not by a significant amount, in heavy drinkers than in those who never drank heavily.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health published their research in the US journal Ophthalmology. – Daily Mail

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