Anyone who has followed Adeles career will notice that her transformation goes far further than her new designer wardrobe.


London - She once declared she would never lose weight because of pressure from the music industry.

But as it was reported that she has just signed a record-breaking £90-million deal, Adele was doing a very good impersonation of someone on a diet.

Accepting one of five accolades at the Billboard Music Awards, the singer looked stunningly svelte – a contrast to the curvier look she sported when she first found fame. The Mail can reveal the secret behind this weight loss: The Sirtfood Diet and a fitness plan from trainer Pete Geracimo – whose clients include David Hasselhoff and Kim Cattrall.

The diet, which Mr Geracimo recommends, encourages slimmers to eat plant foods, such as kale and buckwheat, known as sirtuin activators, which suppress appetite and activate the body’s “skinny gene”.

This is the same process caused by fasting or exercise and the sirtuins – also known as “housekeeping genes” – help control the way our bodies handle fat and sugar, regulating appetite as a result.

The eating plan complements a gruelling gym regime and sees Adele consume the likes of green tea, cocoa powder and turmeric, that are high in sirtuin activators.

Anyone who has followed Adele’s career will notice that her transformation goes far further than her new designer wardrobe, with her face looking considerably thinner than just a few years ago.

Her waistline is also the smallest it has been in years – her new video let her show off her enviable physique from every angle. But, anyone worried the singer, 28, is being pressured into starving herself in the name of beauty can rest easy: The diet still allows her to indulge in her favourite red wine and cheese.

A source said: “The Sirtfood Diet is all about losing weight and feeling fantastic through eating great tasting food. It’s based on extensive research into the power of key plant foods, which when added to our diet turn on fat burning and improve wellbeing.”

The results were plain to see at Sunday night’s glitzy award ceremony, when Adele collected her five gongs via video. However, this latest success was not the only reason she had to celebrate.

She is reported to have signed a £90-million contract with Sony records, the biggest record deal in history for a British musician. She was the best-selling artist in the world in 2015 but her contract with British independent label XL, who she signed to at the age of 19, expired this year and it is believed she has been poached by Sony

The lucrative deal will double Adele’s £85-million fortune, which includes more than £35-million in sales from her latest album, 25.

Adele once declared: “I’m not going to lose weight because someone tells me to. I make music to be a musician, not to be on the cover of Playboy”. However, her new healthy figure must surely be a badge of pride.

Speaking about getting in shape for her world tour, she said: “I was trying to get some stamina…so I lost a bit of weight… not to be like a size zero or anything like that. I mainly moan. I’m not skipping to the ****ing gym. I don’t enjoy it.”

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