This month’s IOL Health digital magazine’s cover star is Connie Ferguson - find out how she stays fit

Published Oct 4, 2022


I’m not a fan of the popular phrase, “summer bodies are made in winter”. Personally, I believe a health body and mind is something we should consistently be working on.

Yes, I know it’s hard to strike a balance, especially now that we’re shaking off the cobwebs of winter and going into spring. But if you’ve adopted a lifestyle that incorporates physical and mental wellbeing, rushing to get your body bikini-ready shouldn’t be causing you endless anxiety.

And that’s the theme of this month’s IOL Health digital magazine. By taking a holistic approach to your fitness routine, you’ll realise it’s not just about a toned physique or ripped abs.

Maybe it’s time to remove those unrealistic goals. So, be kind to yourself and take it easy. – Marchelle

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The word “fitness” can be intimidating to a lot of people at first. In truth, fitness can mean a variety of things to different individuals, catering to one’s optimal physical health and mental wellbeing.

When it comes to your healthy best, look at it is an investment in yourself for the long run, not as something seasonal.

It may sound like a cliche but best believe, small changes really do amount to monumental changes.

The good news is that the concept of fitness is not confined to a particular age group, weight or class. Everyone can work on improving their health regardless of their age, goals, and lifestyle. – Vuyile