Picture: File Yoga eases agony of chemo for breast cancer

THE monks who have practised it for 2,500 years claim it keeps them healthy and young.

But now scientists have found another benefit of Tibetan yoga – it helps breast cancer patients cope with chemotherapy.

American researchers studied 227 patients and found that those who practised Tibetan yoga at least twice a week reported suffering less fatigue and fewer sleep disturbances – common side effects of the cancer treatment.

They were less likely to experience problems compared to women who practised less frequently, who did stretching exercises instead or who just had the standard treatment.

The Texas University authors wrote in the journal Cancer: ‘Participating in Tibetan yoga during chemotherapy resulted in modest short-term benefits in sleep quality, with long-term benefits emerging over time for those who practised it at least two times a week.’

Tibetan yoga uses fluid movements which are repeated up to 21 times each.

The 75 to 90-minute classes focused on controlled breathing, visualisation, meditation and postures.

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