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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Tips on how to get rid of heartburn

Tips on how to get rid of heartburn. Picture: Freepik

Tips on how to get rid of heartburn. Picture: Freepik

Published Jun 18, 2020


Everyone has at least once suffered from heartburn. 

This painful, burning sensation can cause several unpleasant side effects in your stomach and esophagus.

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 Some people are more likely to suffer from this than others, but do you at least suffer once a week from it? 

Then, you need to be aware of the following things.

Esophageal Sphincter

Heartburn happens to many people particularly after they had a heavy meal.

The reason for this is because after meals often the pressure in your stomach is increased. 

This opens up the esophageal sphincter muscle to get rid of excess gas in the stomach. Some stomach acid may occasionally come up during this process. 

If you suffer from heartburn for a week or more then there is a then there's a fair chance that the esophageal sphincter will open more frequently than usual. 

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Obesity, pregnancy, highly seasoned food, smoking, alcohol, stress, or fatigue are possible causes for this.


The intense burning feeling behind your breastbone can be very upsetting. 

Heartburn may also cause complaints like an irritated throat, coughing and swallowing problems, a sharp or bitter taste in your mouth, and bad breath. 

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The results of this are that you can sleep less well at night, and you may not enjoy your meals as much as you used to. 

After a while, stomach acid can damage your esophagus after a while, and eventually cause an infection with the esophagus. 

Do you suffer from enduring heartburn? then you have to contact your doctor for full advice.

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Food diary

If you're often suffering from heartburn, keeping a food diary is a wise thing to do. This way you could more easily find out which foods and drinks can cause you heartburn.

Also, try the following things:

 consider eating smaller portions in order to find out if this reduces the symptoms

Eat little high-fat food as possible and also avoid alcohol.

It is best to take it easy to digest your food After eating. Do not lie down on the couch, as this can cause a rise in stomach acid.

If you are a person that often experiences heartburn at night, then raise the head of your bed.  By doing this your chest is higher than your stomach and can reduce the symptoms.


After trying these tips do you still suffer from heartburn? Then there are also other ways to reduce these symptoms.

The production of acid is inhibited by stomach acid. 

Inhibitors stomach acid binder neutralizes and binds the acid in your stomach, which causes the burning sensation to disappear. 

It’s very important to read the directions provided with the medication, before using the medication.

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