Sentio Labs Feel Technology wristband. Picture: Supplied
Sentio Labs Feel Technology wristband. Picture: Supplied

Trends 2022: The metaverse and healthcare innovations to feature more in our lives

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Dec 31, 2021

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The metaverse and NFTs have been the big talking point of technology innovation in 2021.

We can expect more brands to make inroads into tech in 2022.

As consumers spend more time online and the hype around the metaverse sees more NFTs created, brands will have to find new ways of engaging with their tech savvy and young consumers.

We will see gaming and virtual fashion become even more high tech, social shopping will become a major trend – from tailored in-app purchase journeys and livestream shopping to augmented reality try-on.

These are expected to offer fresh routes to creativity, community-building and commerce.

A virtual sneaker made by the digital fashion company RTFKT, featuring a unique design generated from a CryptoPunk. Picture: RTFKT INC/Handout via Reuters

Health Innovations

There are some impressive healthcare innovations that have happened, mainly due to the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

These home medical gadgets have been developed by teams of clinical specialists and utilise cutting-edge technology.

These innovations are primarily helpful in keeping track of your overall health and with in-person consultations sometimes not happening, these health gadgets give you valuable data that you can show to your doctor.

Some of these gadgets include the Feel Wristband, which helps to track and determine your emotions at any specific time; the AirSonea, which examines your breathing patterns to determine whether you have asthma; and Bodyguardian, a device that helps doctors keep an eye on a patient's health and provide remote assistance in an emergency.

Sentio Labs Feel Technology wristband. Picture: Supplied

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