Tygerberg Hospital doctor shares his recovery story

Published Jul 2, 2020



Tygerberg Hospital’s Internal Medicine Registrar, Dr Gideon Titus, is happy to be back at work with his supportive colleagues after recovering from Covid-19.

Titus said after being diagnosed on May 27, his colleagues from the Internal Medicine department regularly checked upon him to follow his progress.

“It is good to be back with my colleagues. I enjoy the camaraderie and the positive energy within our team,” said Titus.

“Working every day with patients with severe Covid-19, I know how life-threatening the symptoms can be, so the unknown was challenging in that initial period.

“While I know that I am young and do not have any comorbidities, the fear of severe symptoms was still heavy on my mind. Thankfully, my symptoms started improving around day eight, which was a great relief,” he said.

Titus added that he experienced a fever and severe muscle pain and is motivated now more than ever to help others get through it.

“The muscle pain was quite intense, making it difficult for me to move around. Fortunately, I did not have any respiratory symptoms,” said Titus.

“The hospital management has closed the outpatient department which takes care of patients with chronic conditions so that healthcare staff have more time to care for acutely ill patients.

“My colleagues must keep up the good work as their dedication to patient care makes a huge impact,” he said.

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