Virgin Active outlines new health and safety rules

Published Jun 10, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Virgin Active have outlined new health and safety rules for their gyms in anticipation of their reopening.

With restrictions easing, lockdown level 3 permits exercising, such as jogging, cycling and walking, between 6 am and 6 pm, however, gym facilities remain closed and scheduled for a return during level 1.

Virgin Active has taken to virtual classes with live exercise sessions broadcasted from their website and social media accounts.

The global gym chain has opened up in certain countries already, such as Italy, Thailand, Namibia and Botswana, and has already seen around 50% of their members return.

Similar protocols will be implemented in South Africa while following specific guidelines.

Here are some of the new regulations ;

-Members are required to book their workout slots via the app, once approved they receive a unique QR code which provides them access at the entrance and helps track and manage the number of members on-site. All members entering will be getting their temperature screened.

-For hygienic purposes, members will not be allowed to bring their own gym towels and yoga mats. The gym will provide yoga mats, which will be deep-cleaned regularly and between sessions as well as paper towels and hand sanitising stations available throughout the facility.

-To maintain safe physical distancing, throughout the gyms there will be marked areas on the floor found in classes and changing rooms along with every second piece of electrical gym equipment will be disabled keeping members at a safe distance between one another.

-Sessions will be limited to 45 minutes per class, giving staff enough time to deep-clean between sessions and a designated weigh drop-off zone where used weights will be placed for cleaning.

-All staff and members are will be wearing face masks and split into teams designated shifts, decreasing the risk of Covid-19 spreading within a facility making it easier to manage if an infection arises.

Although the initial regulations stated recreational and fitness facilities are only set to reopen in Level 1 of lockdown, amendments made to other exercise restrictions by the government leaves fitness and health fans hopeful that South Africa may soon be able to hit the gym.

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