We have good news for anyone who’s skipped a laundry day. Picture: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska
We have good news for anyone who’s skipped a laundry day. Picture: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska

Wait, just hear us out - wearing underwear for a second day may not be that bad

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Apr 16, 2021

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Wearing clean underwear every day is one of the first rules of hygiene most of us were taught as children.

But that doesn’t always materialise when you are an adult. Reasons may be anything from skipping laundry day, or having gone to a party at a friend’s or sleeping over at a friend's unplanned without bringing an overnight bag.

We have good news for anyone who’s skipped a laundry day: As far as health is concerned, it’s not a huge issue to wear the same pair of underpants for 2 days in a row, says dermatologist Scott Kasteler, speaking on Greatist, a health and fitness website.

That is, as long as those undies are clean to the eye (unmarked with urine or stool). From a health standpoint, you could go several days without a fresh pair, Kasteler says.

But, before you wear your “Monday” pair on Tuesday, consider two important exceptions.

If you have any scratches, sores, or rashes on your skin, don’t stretch the mileage on your underwear or you could end up with an infection. And if you’re breaking a sweat, it’s best to don a fresh pair. For folks with vaginas, moisture build-up in the nether regions can lead to yeast infections.

While those with penises may not be as susceptible to infections, it’s still a best practice to keep the area nice and dry. It’s just not worth the risk of chafing below the belt.

Acne is another concern, according to Sherry Ross, an ob-gyn in Santa Monica, California, and author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health.

Speaking to Reader’s Digest health and wellness site The Healthy, Ross asked if anyone knew those unsightly red bumps one sometimes gets on your face and even neck or back?

Did you know you can also get them on your rear end or other body parts? Wearing dirty underwear traps sweat, dirt and bacteria and holds them close to your skin.

“When sweat or oil sits on the skin for too long, it can lead to bad odour or clogged pores, leading to breakouts,” she says.

If you happen to wear your undies for the second day, remember there is no harm If your skin is healthy, you’ve kept your undies clean and you’re not sweating.

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