131 more coronavirus cases confirmed in China.
131 more coronavirus cases confirmed in China.

WATCH: Experts devise DIY face masks to battle coronavirus

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Mar 19, 2020

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With the ever-increasing number of coronavirus cases worldwide, the fear is also rising with it. People are trying to protect themselves against covid-19, others are already going the extraordinary lengths for better solutions. 

Fears about the coronavirus have contributed to shortages of masks around the world. Retail stores are getting more traffic and retailers battle to continue stock on shelves with hygiene products amid the spread of coronavirus. 

The latest virus, particularly for older people, has made face masks and hand sanitizers necessary. For surgical masks increasingly difficult to purchase from big stores now, figuring out how to create your design through social networks is so much simpler.

Handmade masks are trending on social media, with some people sharing tutorial videos of how to make them using handkerchiefs, scarves or even coffee filters and elastic bands. People around the world have already been seen wearing this handmade masks. 

Many health experts advise that hand washing is more effective than wearing a face mask, and the reusable masks are dangerous to your health but many people still believe that any mask is still better protection than not wearing a mask at all. 

With more demands of hand sanitizers, hygiene masks, and hygiene soaps some people would find it very pricey to purchase, so if you want to keep clean on a budget then here's a video below demonstrating how to make yourself a home hygiene mask.

Most people who get infected experience mild illness and recover, but for some, it may be more serious. Take care of your health and help protect others by constantly washing your hands with hand sanitizers or hygiene soap, and prevent facial contact.

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