WATCH: #ItStartsWithMe Mandela Day Challenge

Published Jul 17, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Mandela Day soon approaches with the usual 67-minute activities needing to switch things up during the pandemic, with many ideas floating around, Bhambayi Project has a 3 phase challenge for everyone to take part in.

Bhambayi Project is a non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation that operates within the Bhambayi community which is one of the poorest communities in Durban with a 75 percent unemployment rate.

The organisation focuses on vulnerable children and orphans, helping to provide them with a stable future in hopes of a positive impact on the world.

Bhambayi Project invites all to join their #ItStartsWithMe Mandela day challenge that consists of three steps which go beyond donating but a mental exercise in which the organisation asks for you to honour Mandela by honouring others,

The three steps of the challenge are:

1. To honour everyone you think of or encounter on the day

2. Spend 67 minutes ‘Honour Reflecting’ by thinking of how you, yourself can change to honour those you have thought of.

3. Feed yourself with less than R10 for the entire day. An exercise to show you what many less fortunate go through on a daily basis

Take a look below on more information on the challenge:

Visit for more information and for further initiatives you can support with donations of any amount welcomed and appreciated.

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