WATCH: Pupils use broom in Covid-19 'langarm'

Published Jul 28, 2020


CAPE TOWN- Pupils from a high school in the North West were filmed in a spontaneous moment dancing with a broom between them, adding new meaning to 'langarm' whilst also maintaining physical distance.

At the Hoërskool Klerksdorp (KHS) Open Day last week Thursday, grade 11 Mieke van der Merwe and grade 10 MJ Mostert, used a broom to dance to one of their favourite Afrikaans 'langarm' or 'sokkie' songs.

Director Marketing of KHS, Leon Bevan said he hopes the video will inspire other learners to have a bit of fun and to show empathy during the Covid-19 pandemic where safety and hygiene rules are taken very seriously.

"It was an unrehersed and unplanned moment. It was a matter of the pupils being there at the right moment with the right song. I was expecting some negative comments but the video has created some hope in an uncertain time," said Bevan.

KHS was closed as of Monday after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that all South African public schools will be “taking a break for the next four weeks,” and the current academic year will be extended beyond the end of 2020.

"The precautions in closing schools might be necessary- however we need to allow sport, cultural, and recreational activities to be allowed when the spike or curve drops for the sake of our children that need to enjoy a balanced life. The kids are having a tough time," he said.

Bevan said he hope that this message of hope can inspire other schoolgoers to hang in there.

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