WATCH: SA police help feed the poor

Published Jul 13, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Police officers in Cape Town have gotten together to feed the poor in and around the CBD area.

Many great initiatives have begun during the national lockdown in efforts to feed the poor with many South Africans struggling to make ends meet and feed their families during these tough times.

Captain Ezra October and team has taken the initiative to feed the homeless community with crime rate reportedly dropped since the soup kitchen has begun.

The outreach has built new bonds between police and the homeless in Cape Town CBD with Captain October saying that feeding the hungry reduces desperation amongst the homeless in-effect reducing crime.

The team cooks the meals from Cape Town police station and every day of the week the team heads out in the morning to feed porridge and soup while distributing masks.

The officers visit squatter camps around the Cape Town area too, where homeless have built makeshift tents, to make sure that they have a meal for the day as well.

The initiative has brought much joy to the officers involved and had a positive impact on the lives of the homeless says Captain October.

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