Benign mucinous ovarian tumor. Picture: Danbury Hospital
Benign mucinous ovarian tumor. Picture: Danbury Hospital

WATCH: Woman has 59kg ovarian tumour removed

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Nov 20, 2020

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A 41-year-old woman is finally enjoying life since a 132-pound (over 59kg) benign mucinous ovarian tumour was removed from her abdomen.

According to the Western Connecticut Health Network, the woman (who is choosing to remain anonymous), first noticed something was wrong at the end of last year.

Alarmed by sudden, rapid weight gain in her abdomen – she was growing by about 10 pounds (over 4 kg) each week – she scheduled an appointment with her gynaecologist, who identified her tumour with a CT scan. She was referred to Danbury Hospital and underwent a five-hour operation to remove the growth.

Lead surgeon Vaagn Andikyan, a gynaecological oncologist at Danbury Hospital said, “I might expect to see a 25-pound (over 11kg) ovarian tumour, but a 132-pound tumour is very rare.

“When I met the patient, she was extremely malnourished because the tumour was sitting on her digestive tract, and she used a wheelchair because of the tumour’s weight.”

Andikyan and his team suspected that the tumour, which occupied the patient’s entire abdomen, was benign; however, they could not be sure without conducting further tests.

“There were a lot of issues related to this very large tumour in the abdomen,” Linus Chuang, chairman of obstetrics and gynaecology at the Western Connecticut Health Network, explained to CNN.

“She can't eat, she can't walk, and there are problems related to potential complications with this large mass compressing the venous system. She was at very high risk of developing blood clots because of compression of the blood flow.”

It took nearly 25 clinical specialists to plan how to remove the tumour: the mass was situated near an important blood vessel, so there were concerns about how the operation might affect her heart.

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