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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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'We have to stay positive', says small business owner

Published May 8, 2020


DURBAN- A 59 year old Durban woman, whose sole income is that of her small scale catering business, says she "believes that the Covid-19 pandemic is but a test of faith and patience and we must not live in fear."

Priya Naidoo-a single mum living alone in Chatsworth, Durban, runs a small business which sells mainly Indian savoury snacks .

Naidoo says that the effect the pandemic has had on her business was really a sudden and impactful one. "Honestly I live by faith, I cannot be greedy. As long as my needs are supplied it is fine with me but it really did affect my business. I have lost about 70% of my customers. I used to get help from my son but he recently also lost his job," said Naidoo.

The mother of two also suffers from high blood pressure as well as diabetes and even though experts have drilled the fact that 'older people' are more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus, the devout Christian refuses to give up and says we must remain strong.

"Honestly, it's your walk. If you think positively and have a clear mind, no negativity can get to you. This is just a passing shower. This is not the end of the world but just a shadow of our reality," she added.

Naidoo says although the pandemic has changed her life drastically, her church and community have been very supportive and caring throughout the lockdown. "I have that set of loyal customers that have still supported me. They are the type of people that care whether I have food on my table and I am grateful for living in such a community," said Naidoo.

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