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The age at which people are considered ‘most beautiful' is moving closer to 40,  researchers have found. 

Scientists studying People magazine's ‘World's Most Beautiful' list in 1990 and 2017 discovered the average age of the celebrities increased from 33.2 to 38.9. 
Michelle Pfeiffer, then 32, topped the list in 1990. 

Julia Roberts won the following year at 23. This year, the Pretty Woman star took the title again aged 49. She is the second oldest winner, after Sandra Bullock who won in 2015 at 50. The oldest this year is Oprah Winfrey, 63. 

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The researchers, from Boston University School of Medicine, also found a wider variety of skin tones, with 88 per cent lighter-skinned stars in 1990 and 70.4 per cent this year.