Women who urinate before sex are most likely to develop a UTI claims expert

By Sabrina Barr Time of article published Dec 22, 2017

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Women who urinate before sex may actually be at a greater risk of developing a urinary tract infection, an expert has claimed.

Despite it being one of the most common pieces of advice for women in regard to UTIs, peeing before sexual intercourse may be doing you more damage that you realise.

David Kaufman, a urologist from New York, spoke to Yahoo Health about dispelling the myth that is putting many women in harm’s way.

According to Kaufman, urinating before sex: “Is the number one cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, also known as honeymoon cystitis.

“Bacteria have tiny pilli that act as Velcro hooks, which allow them to attach themselves to the urethral lining,” he explained. 

Going to the toilet after sex enables the bacteria to become dislodged, preventing it from moving to the bladder.

While many women may believe that it’s practical to urinate before sex, this could actually increase your chances of developing a UTI. 

If you wait to pee, then you’ll store enough urine to push all of the bacteria out afterwards. 

However, a number of doctors have been giving women very different instructions concerning their pre-sex bathroom routines.

Dr Hilda Hutcherson, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, told SheKnows that while she doesn’t suggest all women need to urinate before sex, she usually does tell them to pee both before and after intercourse to decrease their likelihood of developing a UTI.

UTIs can cause a painful lower abdomen, urgency and sometimes fever.

WebMD has stated that as many as one in two women will have to deal with a urinary tract infection at some point in their lives.

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