Chances of miscarriage is 2-3 times of a women smoking while pregnant Picture: Supplied

QUITTING smoking has proven to be one of the most difficult things for most smokers including pregnant women.

While information about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy is well-documented, many pregnant women continue to smoke.

All tobacco products, including cigarettes hookah or hubble-bubbly as well as chewing gutkha snuff are harmful to a mother's health and can have serious implications for the unborn baby.

According to the Department of Health the chances of miscarriage is 2-3 times for women smoking while pregnant.

The use of tobacco during pregnancy can increase chances of premature death and can increase the baby's risk of developing respiratory problems such as chest infection, ear infection, pneumonia, bronchitis and severe asthma. 

Other effects of smoking is that it can increase the risk of birth defects such as foetal toxicity infant death syndrome.

Some of the harmful chemicals added to cigarettes/tobacco products can include tar, rat poison, gas chamber poison, nail polish remover, and fluid insecticides.

To protect the unborn child from these chemicals the department gives tips on how to quit smoking. 
One can do quit by stopping visiting regular smoking spots or visiting smoking friends, use aids like gums, get support from family, friends and from quitting organizations.