Dr Reza Mia. Picture: Supplied
Dr Reza Mia. Picture: Supplied
Dr Reza Mia with his clients and associates. Picture: Supplied
Dr Reza Mia with his clients and associates. Picture: Supplied

“Designing the face and designing a plane is the same thing. It’s like physics, engineering and art, they are all the same. Working with someone’s face, especially the aesthetic side of it, it’s knowing what pretty is, what looks nice, the same applies to designing planes. Although it looks like different things the primary skills that you need are the same, it’s just applying it in different ways,” says innovator and celebrity aesthetic doctor Reza Mia.

His clients includes former Generations star and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba, television presenter and model Shashi Naidoo, radio and television host DJ Warras and 5FM's Poppy Ntshongwana and pop star Tamara Dey.

Dr. Mia’s pioneering spirit and artistic eye extends beyond medical and aesthetic world to aerospace engineering.

Having graduated from Wits with a medical degree at the age of 23, Dr. Mia is ready to take on another challenge — he wants fly his own business jet with vertical takeoff and landing.

“I have always liked planes and I did flying lessons but I stopped to finish my Finance Masters. I will go back and finish, so I will get my flying licence and be fly his own planes”.

A business jet with vertical landing, is this another flying car innovation?

“This is different to a flying car, because a flying car is made to fly short distances, while a vertical business jet is made to fly like a normal jet, it can cover the whole continent and beyond’’.

Dr Mia is truly fascinated about this new venture. He is beaming with excitement as he announces the latest phase of his plane. 

“I have just finished the lift fan de-risking exercise into the most important part which the part where it gives you the vertical takeoff and landing. So now I'm confident beyond any doubt that this plane will fly and do the vertical take off, you know the main aim is to make it take off like a helicopter from grass, helipads or yachts and fly like a business jet.”

Dr Mia said after he discovered that the vertical take off is possible, he decided to speed up the development process. He then started his own aerospace company Pegasus SA limited, which is a public unlisted company.

“I’ll release shares as I have to ,so we can fund the development and speed up the design before someone from overseas beats us to it or tries to copy us but we have patent in the US, UK and South Africa which are the main places where you have to protect the design, so if someone from China or India copies the design they won't be able to sell it to any of those markets because of the patent protection.”

When it comes to the world of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Mia does does his best through, learning and research to ensure he stays ahead of the game.
He recently launched two innovative methods of convenience for his patients.

Hallowell, small  injections, that makes collagen and elastin and break down pigmentation marks. It tightens skin and makes it more dense and makes it smoother.

“With hallowell we use ultrasound,it’s new. We working with physiotherapists to do to things that doctors wouldn’t do alone, they can’t do it alone because they are not doctors. For example jaw clenching, they will relax it and I will put botox in the stubborn trigger points, they help me identify them. Same with tension headaches, injuries and joints muscle tears.

Biofibre is the artificial hair that looks like real hair.

"We put it one hair at a time with a special kind of needle and we make people look like they have hair when they don’t have hair , it’s fibre that you can’t tell, this is the hair, this is the fibre, it look the same, it just doesn’t grow but then you don’t have to cut it,” says Dr Mia.

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