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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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10 Tips on where to place your aircon

Get your aircon installed in the correct stop for optimal function.

Get your aircon installed in the correct stop for optimal function.

Published Feb 23, 2018


With humidity levels in Durban well above 70 percent at the moment; I’m finally caving in and getting an aircon for the living room.

While summer should be on its way out, it feels as though it’s only getting hotter, so electricity bill aside it's time to be comfortable at home.

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For working parents with school going children, returning home to a hot house that has been locked up all day - to cook dinner and do homework in the heat - is grueling stuff.

Nevermind trying to get some sleep without breaking out a sweat.

If like me you’re grudgingly getting an aircon in the middle of summer, here are some useful tips to getting it right:

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An aircon can be too 'big' or too 'small' for a space. So ensure you get professional advice when determining how powerful an aircon needs to be to cool a specific space.

Do consider the placement of the outdoor component of your aircon unit. Don’t try to hide the rather unsightly unit behind shrubs or where there may be debris. It should be in a well ventilated space. The hot air shouldn’t be trapped as this will affect the indoor cooling and overall function of your aircon.

Do not place the outdoor component of your aircon in direct sunlight either, as this will prevent the unit from cooling down effectively and will take more electricity to do so. In which case, create shade for you outdoor unit. This will help you avoid a higher electrical bill and mechanical problems with your aircon. 

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Your unit, in and out, should be fairly easily accessible for repairs and maintenance.

Inside your home you will of course need to have your aircon positioned near a power source. If you place your aircon near a source of heat, such as a light bulb, it will not cut off once the room is cooled as it will be sensing the heat from the light. You’ll end up chilled rather than comfortable.

It stands to reason that the coolest area in your room will be the one closest to the aircon. While an aircon may cool the entire room, it will also cut off once it detects the air closest to it is at the optimal temperature. So do place the aircon, where you most want it. Example: by your bed in your bedroom or by your sofas in an open-plan lounge.

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Warm air rises. So the higher the aircon is situated the faster cooling will be.

Best to avoid placing that aircon opposite those double doors you frequently open as it will just have to work harder and draw more electricity to do its job.

Sounds obvious but do not place an aircon behind a door or near kitchen appliances.

Don’t worry about a ceiling fan in the same room. It will just help to circulate the air.

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