3 easy ways to make your home decor your own

If it’s new furniture you need, look at budget-friendly options. Picture: Pixabay

If it’s new furniture you need, look at budget-friendly options. Picture: Pixabay

Published Oct 8, 2018


You might be too busy to even think about redecorating. Or you might not have the money to spend on paint and new curtains and furniture. Or maybe you just don’t know what style to go with. 

Let’s see if we can help with that…

Start with the simple stuff

Look around. Is it necessary to throw everything out? Probably not. Especially when one of the big trends of late has been repurposing what you have. For example, you don’t have to throw out your old dining room set. It might just be a matter of recovering the seat cushions or painting it a different colour.

That’s not to say you should hold onto everything though. If you’re tripping over clutter, it’s time to clear it out. If it’s not a seasonal item that’s been used in six months, it’s time to toss it. If you have to hold onto some stuff, get some furniture that can double as storage space. For example, in your lounge, a simple mahogany or black coffee table can double as a magazine and book holder.

Learning your style

The theme for South Africa’s biggest design and decor expo this year, Decorex, was ‘rhythm of life’. It sounds… well, cool, but what does it actually mean? That really depends on you. 

Rhythm is defined as “a regular movement or pattern of movements”. That means bringing movement into your space. It means creating a home in which you and loved ones are able and want to move around with ease. It also translates to a home that fits in with the rhythm of your lifestyle. 

For instance, busy parents need family-friendly spaces fit for kids to run around and play. And young couples might want a home that’s open and light and good for entertaining.

When you know the kind of life you want to have, it’s easier to understand how your home should be styled.

Decorex Portfolio Director, Sian Cullingworth, explains: “We constantly create spaces around us that allow us to find this inner peace and escape the demands of our lives. Who we are, what we are, what we do…all this forms our rhythm of life and this is unique to each of us.”

Getting around budget issues

It goes without saying that redecorating can be an expensive affair. Repainting an entire room, for instance, can cost thousands of rands. But these days you can get a quick and easy new look with some removable wallpaper (which is even more awesome if you’re renting). 

Get a graphic print wallpaper for one wall in the room and it’ll make the space stand out. And when you’re over it, just peel it off and stick up a new one.

If it’s new furniture you need, look at budget-friendly options such as second-hand stores or wait until there’s a sale at your favourite home store. Another option is renting to own (RTO) from an online furniture and appliances retailer like Teljoy. 

This lets you keep a tight lid on your spending as the amount you pay each month remains unchanged, while you still get super-trendy furniture. Plus you can upgrade or downgrade to suit your style and finances. 

“Look around at alternative ways in which you can furnish your home with quality products. Household goods are expensive and buying everything may not be the best option, especially if it leaves you in debt,” says Teljoy Marketing Manager, Aimee Miller.

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