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7 essentials to stock your bar cart with

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Oct 13, 2020

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Bar carts are a stylishly convenient way to display your drink essentials at home.

To turn your cart into an efficient hosting tool, you’ll need to make sure it’s stocked with the essentials. From how to display your wine and snacks to serving stylish cocktails, this list contains everything you need.

7 bar cart essentials:

An ice bucket

A necessity for every bar cart, ice buckets keep your drinks chilled while also serving as a stylish way to present wine, bubbly or even beers to guests. Depending on the theme of your cart, you can decide on rustic wood, chic rose gold or even glazed pottery.

Reusable straws

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The reusable straw movement made a huge impact on how we view single-use items made from plastic. From stainless steel and bamboo to glass, these straws can meaningfully contribute to reducing our plastic use. As a bonus, reusable straws make cocktails look elegant.

Cheese board

Start every get-together with a delicious cheese board, the perfect mix of sweet and savoury to complement any gathering. Soft cheeses, preserves, roasted nuts, fruit and dark chocolate – a platter will always pair perfectly with drinks. It also makes snack preparation easier, giving you more time to mingle.

Cocktail shaker

There’s nothing more impressive than serving up freshly shaken cocktails at a party. Used to aerate, mix, dilute and chill drinks, having one of these will make sure you’re able to make a broader variety of exciting cocktails.

Fresh limes and lemons

From Martinis with a twist to margaritas with salted rims and a wedge of lime for squeezing, having a bowl of fresh fruit to garnish your drinks will take the cocktail experience to the next level. If your bar is looking a little bare, this will discreetly help to fill up space and complete the look of your cart.

Mini wine rack

Display your wine bottles on a rack to keep them organised. That way you can see exactly what bottles you have in stock and what needs to be replaced. Decorative and stylish, a wine rack stores your wine in a horizontal position which prevents the cork from drying and shrinking, allowing air to enter and spoil the wine. With a rack you can easily reach your bottles without knocking anything over.


Of course, every bar cart needs booze to be functional. Having all your bottles on display is what actually makes a bar cart look stylish. It’s also convenient to have all your drinks in one place. And carts can be wheeled around, so wherever the party goes, they go.

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