The average time it takes before we concede defeat is just 37 minutes. Picture: Pixabay

London - Two-thirds of Britons give up halfway through a DIY project – after realising they are making a mess of it.

A survey has found that 62 percent of us have given up on a task when it becomes clear we’re out of our depth. It found that the average Briton takes three attempts at a DIY project before downing tools.

And the average time it takes before we concede defeat is just 37 minutes.

The poll, by, found that the most likely task we give up on is building flat-pack furniture (68 percent). This was closely followed by painting (56 percent), putting up a shelf (38 percent) and wiring a plug socket (31 percent).

More than a quarter also gave up on fixing a leaking tap.

The survey found that Britons aged between 25 and 34 call a tradesman five times a year, compared to those aged between 55 and 64, who called on an expert just once a year.

Sara Halman, managing director at, said: "It seems the art of DIY is dying out among the British population, with more recent generations being able to turn their hand to technical computer-based problems as opposed to hands-on DIY tasks.

"Attempting to fix the problem yourself is one way to save money, however if the job is hazardous or beyond your skill set, it is best handled by a professional. There is no shame in turning to a professional."

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