Asparagus spears after harvesting. Picture: Instagram
Asparagus spears after harvesting. Picture: Instagram
Asparagus harvesting season begins. Picture: Instagram
Asparagus harvesting season begins. Picture: Instagram
Rows of asparagus. Picture:Instagram
Rows of asparagus. Picture:Instagram

If you live in a city, then chances are the only fresh vegetables you see are on the shelves of your local supermarket not growing in the ground.

And though most will know that tomatoes grow on a vine, the origin of other produce, such as asparagus, is less well known.

These stunning images reveal exactly how the green vegetable is grown and it's not on a vine, or as a cluster of spears.

In fact, asparagus spears, which are in season for eight weeks from mid-April sprout up individually straight from the ground.

Green-fingered gardeners and countryside dwellers may snigger at those who don't know this fact already, but a Buzzfeed poll revealed that nearly 60 per cent of people did not know how the green spears grow.

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Asparagus is planted in beds in a row, with enough space in between each plant to allow it to grow.

The spears then burst through the soil, becoming green through photosynthesis, before they are ready to harvest.

You don't need a large garden to try growing the vegetable yourself though as they will also grow in pots or containers potentially saving you money on buying expensive asparagus from the supermarket if you're a big fan.

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How to grow asparagus

Asparagus plants are either male or female, but male plants grow better.

They should be planted in the spring, in March, and it is easiest to plant one-year-old dormant plants than seeds.

They should be planted in a manure-covered trench, with plants staggered evenly with wide spaces in between in adjacent rows.

Gardeners advise not to harvest plants for the first two years, but in the third year you can harvest spears from mid-April for eight weeks. In warm weather, spears should be harvested every two to three days.