A hairpin comes in handy even when you are doing odd jobs. Picture: PxHere
A hairpin comes in handy even when you are doing odd jobs. Picture: PxHere

From hairpin to genius hack: 5 things you didn't know you could do with the humble bobby pin

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Sep 2, 2020

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Do you have long hair? Then you probably have a box of bobby pins lying around in your house.

This is handy because you can do a lot more with a bobby pin than just keep your locks in place. Have you ever thought of using your bobby pins in these five ways?

For closing packages

Plastic packages of pasta, rice, and chips regularly get left open in your kitchen cupboard. You can easily remedy this with a bobby pin. All you need to do is to roll up the top of the bag and slide the pin over the bag. This keeps the bag airtight and your food fresher for longer.

As a bookmark

When you’re forced to put down a good book halfway through but you don’t have a bookmark, simply put a bobby pin on the page where you left off.

To loosen the end of a roll of tape

If you want to avoid having to pry sticky tape off the roll again and again, stick a bobby pin on the end of the tape. You won’t waste time searching for the beginning of the tape the next time you use it.

To empty tubes

A handy trick for an almost empty tube of toothpaste or cream. Roll up the bottom of the tube and secure it with a pin. The remaining contents will be pushed towards the cap, and you can easily use up the leftovers.

When driving in a nail

A hairpin comes in handy when you are doing odd jobs. Place a bobby pin around a nail to hold it in place while you hammer. This way, you won’t hit the nail in crooked, and you also reduce the chance that your thumb will end up under the hammer.

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