If it is windy, rake your leaves in the same direction that the wind is blowing. Picture: Supplied

Don’t let the weather put a dampener on your gardening. July is typically a cold month in South Africa. However, we do get to enjoy a few glorious sunny days in-between which make for perfect gardening conditions. 

Given the cold weather, it may not seem like a great idea to get yourself outdoors but, putting in the work now means that you get to enjoy a thriving garden come spring/ summer.

First, start by raking your garden. If it is windy, rake your leaves in the same direction that the wind is blowing. Some people wait until spring to do this - which isn’t wise, as many fungal spores and insect eggs can breed in this debris over winter and infect your spring planting.

Hot dry weather, paddling pools and lawn games throughout the summer months can leave our grassy areas needing some serious TLC. 

“By fertilising your lawn with Garden Master Organic Lawn Dressing, you are providing it with the nutrients that will restore its health and encourage growth, meaning that by the time the next summer rolls around, you will have a luscious lawn to enjoy,” says business manager for Garden Master, Kristin Denyer. 

If you are planning on fertilising your lawn, you should take the time to carry out this task well. Begin with raking, or scarifying, the grass to reduce thatch build-up, before aerating with a fork to allow for improved movement of air and water in the root structure of your lawn.

Let's be honest – weeds are the bain of every gardener's existence. By investing your time now in a serious de-weed of the garden, you won't have another mammoth task on your hands when the weather warms up again. 

Whether you need to clear the flower bed, the lawn or those irritating weeds that present themselves between the cracks in your patio or decking, be sure to use a sharp weeder as these are ideal for tilling or weeding small patches of soil.

Spring will be here before you know it. Make sure your garden is as ready for planting come spring.