File photo: Anacondas can grow up to 4.6 metres long. Picture: Wikipedia
File photo: Anacondas can grow up to 4.6 metres long. Picture: Wikipedia

'I think I've gotta go home': Kris Jenner finds anaconda in Kim Kardashian's yard

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Nov 11, 2019

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Kim Kardashian West's back garden has been invaded by a huge snake.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star's mother Kris Jenner couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the lengthy anaconda - which can grow up to 4.6 metres long - basking in the sun in her daughter's grassy yard on Saturday.

Taking to her Instagram account, the 64-year-old matriarch filmed the slithery reptile, which is non-venomous but kills its prey by constricting it, and said: "This is an anaconda in Kim's back yard right now and I think I've gotta go home. Ahh!"

However, it's highly unlikely the snake will bother the 39-year-old reality TV beauty as she now has eight acres to roam around in after she and her husband Kanye West splashed out $3 million on a property next to their Hidden Hills abode.

Sources told TMZ the couple - whose estate was already worth an estimated $60-million before their new purchase - didn't force out their neighbour, they simply decided to put in a bid after the house went up for sale.

With the extra space, Kim and Kanye want to transform their updated estate to include guest houses, a spa retreat, and an organic garden and citrus grove to streamline their own farm-to-table dining.

Despite having eight acres under their feet, the 'Famous' rapper recently admitted he finds Los Angeles "cramped" and would rather living in Wyoming, where he splashed out on a 4,500-acre rance over the summer.

He said: "Los Angeles feels a bit cramped for my mind.

"When you drove here you, you didn't see a lot of extra noise. It was the road, and then just God.

"When you see all of the billboards, the traffic billboards, and when I say traffic, I'm talking about the billboards are actually sex trafficking, because if a guy is arguing with his girl, or going through something with his wife, and on one side of the street there's a billboard for spirits, which is alcohol, and on the other side it's, 'call this number' or it's a picture of a woman on the billboard and says, 'Come to this strip club.'

"And he goes and he spends some money just to have someone to sit down and talk to him. And at the end of the night when they close up the club they say how much traffic did we have? So there's all different layers to trafficking."

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