Robert Solomons, 57, Jason Topley, 12, and Jermaine Jonkersman, 15, tend to their flourishing garden on a once empty field in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain. Picture: Rusana Philander

Cape Town - What started out as a hobby has now blossomed into beautiful gardens being enjoyed by the community of Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain.

Robert Solomons, 57, and some youngsters started small patches of gardens on a field where people previously dumped their rubbish.

“I started the gardens in the beginning of July. I never thought that it would grow so beautifully. Gardening is a hobby to me and I used to do it at home," Solomons said.

"The great thing with these gardens is that we do not use any drinking water. I collect all the grey water from people from the surrounding streets in a trolley. This we use to water the plants.

“Some of the youngsters in the area also started growing an interest in gardening and are now helping me," he added.

"They have learnt a lot about gardening in the process. Soon we will start planting a vegetable garden.

"People are very excited about it. Now that the garden is here, the council has also brought in park equipment. The children can play in the park and enjoy the garden.

"It is the first time in 32 years that I have been staying in Tafelsig that there is a park here. And we are keeping our neighbourhood clean."

Jermaine Jonkersman, 15, said: “We used to see Mr Solomons in the garden every day. So one day we went to him and asked if we could help. We are enjoying it.”

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