Candide, the free community gardening app that connects gardeners at the touch of a green finger, is all about growth. Pictures: Supplied

Plant swaps are becoming increasingly popular, bringing gardening enthusiasts together to barter for bulbs and trade tips. 

And so, after the success of its inaugural Plant Swap, Candide South Africa is excited to be hosting two more of these exchange events at the Pink Geranium Nursery (Stellenbosch) on November 28 and HAPPY BY NATURE (Cape Town) on December 5. It’s an opportunity to meet the people behind the plants, share your stories and walk off with something new for your garden.

Candide, the free community gardening app that connects gardeners at the touch of a green finger, is all about growth. 

With a worldwide community of almost 170 000 users (and growing), it’s your personal doorway into the world of gardening, offering knowledge, tips, trends and advice. 

By curating and collating all this information and sharing it with its legion of fans, Candide is encouraging more people to get out there and grow more. With these Plant Swaps, Candide is going beyond digital inspiration and education, getting up close and personal with its gardening community.

"These Plant Swaps are the ideal way to bring to life the culture and practices that Candide encourages daily on the app," said Shani Krige, the market lead for Candide. 

"Gardening can very often be a fairly solo activity, but with Candide it never feels like you’re digging or planting alone. The Plant Swaps are the perfect opportunity to strengthen this community even more, to put a few names to faces, to contribute and give back, and to find out more about the limitless, enriching, wonderful world of gardens. I’d encourage anyone who loves gardening to be there."

After attending and finding your new plant, Candide will be at your side to assist once more with everything you might need, and ensure that your latest addition blossoms and grows. You’ll easily identify it with the plant ID, and from there you can access all the care instructions, expert advice and community knowledge that you’ll need.

To reserve your free spot at the upcoming Plant Swaps email [email protected] – light refreshments will be provided at no cost.   

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