You can plan a new rose garden or fill up an existing one. Picture: Supplied

Roses are in full flower force in October! You can plan a new rose garden or fill up an existing one by visiting your nursery to check out new releases, as well as old favourites. 

Although roses dislike disturbance around their roots while growing actively again, they do not mind the presence of a living mulch like a few dainty groundcovers and perennials to add more colour and romance to the rose garden. 

Bright colours and flowers to add now include creeping Jenny, cranesbill (Geranium incanum), snow in summer, chives, brachycomes (different hybrids and colours), bindweed (Convolvulus), candytuft (Iberis sempervirens), lobularia, scabiosa (corn flower) and sweet violet (Viola odorata).

Fertilise your roses again with a fertiliser formulated for roses, and follow up every 4 weeks. Treat preventatively and correctively against fungi and insects with a combination rose spray. Water three times per week.

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